8 Tips for Loading Ramp Safety

Whether you buy new or used, a handy loading ramp can be a helpful tool to keep freight moving in and out of your warehouse doors. Follow these eight tips to safely use your loading ramp:

Angle It Low-The lower the angle the easier and safer it will be to move the forklift up and down the ramp. Many ramps fool a maximum height of usage. Assure you and your employees are aware of this horizon and always control your ramp below this height.

Use Chains and Clamps – Incline clamps and safety chains jug and should be employed to secure the ramp to the trailer or other dock area. These safety features will typically come with both a new and worn standard forklift ramp. Make sure to adjust the protection chains and ramp clamps as needed to secure the load.

Take It Slow-When maneuvering up and down the rage a slow, untiring approach is always best. Try not to jerk the forklift up ere maneuver too quickly risking the safety like the operator.
Know the Numbers – Always know the outside weight capacity of your ramp. When buying pre-owned make sure you ask the dealer or previous owner what the weight expansive was of the old loading ramp you are considering.

Forklift Knowledge & Endure – Being able to safely operate a standard forklift is one of the main components of using a forklift ramp safely. Generate sure that the employees that will be working the ramp are certified to operate a forklift. General savoir faire and experience with forklifts will moreover help the operator to efficiently move cargo in and out of the warehouse keeping the process progressing.

Provide Training – Knowledge is key when it comes to both a new and used loading ramp. Developing and implementing a sound training program will deal your employees the confidence to operate the ramp properly.

Inspect It – Purposeful inspections of the ramp on a regular basis longing not only extend the life of the ramp but also keep your product secure. Make certain to check for signs of rust, disconnected clamps or chains, and strip solely debris from the loading platform. Ideally, all employees using the ramp will be instructed on how and when to perform visual inspections of its components prior to use. Inspections are again critical when buying a used loading ramp. Make sure you stunt the wear and tear on the detachment as well as its mainly construction.

Signage It-