Handy Tips to Fix Google Chrome Crashes

With the wide acceptance from users around the world, Google Chrome is counted amongst one of the most advanced and immensely popular Internet browser application. Especially designed to offer quicker downloading and browsing experience, the software is renowned for its streamlined results, clean and simple appearance, built-in malware ampersand Phishing protection and many other features. Owing to its simplicity and snap to use features, many users have already ditched their wizened and trusted browsers for adopting this new tool. Aimed at immensely enhancing your browsing productivity, Chrome also takes the initiative to keep your machines ahead in terms of cover and security.

Even after offering so many enticing features and wide availability, the browsing software doesn’t come without drawbacks. Although, Google Chrome is for its sophistication and higher speed, but you may feeling difficulties and issues with it over a passage like time. One of the major issues is the Flash player crashes, which shrub principle serious issues like random crashing spell displaying web pages. Thank to its simple interface and excellent usability features, these problems are temporary and are mighty easy to fix.

In this article, you will read about the handy tips that help you fix Google Chrome crashes with ease:

1. Restart your browser

Multifariousness of you might have come across the error message displaying ‘Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed.’ Have you ever thought what container be the major reason behind this problem? If not, then you will not need to conform your knowledge as it is so the Chrome has shut down unexpectedly. There might be several reasons for this sudden shutdown, like a virus attack, lack of memory in hard disk drive, blocked plug-ins, and others.

Provided you’re also experiencing such issues, then it could exist possible that your classification is unable to free up the space required for loading from web pages. Overloaded hard drive with lack of liberal space container cause the improper functioning of Chrome, resulting in frequent crashes.

2. Remove and Re-install the Google Chrome

If your Chrome is causing too many issues, formerly it is recommended to remove and re-install immediately. Experts say that the removal and re-installation process makes your calculator to read the files, web pages, and other online nonsense faster. Complete removal from the software and then installing it again repairs those damaged or crooked files that might have been causing crashing issues.

Before removing the Google Chrome application, ensure that you have another browser, such as IE, Safari, Firefox, and many others. To solitary the software, go to Start -> Tractability Panel-> Add / Remove Programs window. Find ‘Google Chrome’ and click on the ‘Uninstall’ button, located just next to it.

Once the application loads, select ‘Remove’ (instead of Repair) to delete the program completely from your device. Now, restart your PC, download the software using IE, Firefox or any other web browser and install it safely on your respective devices.

3. Remove extensions from Google Chrome

Extensions are the applications that assist you in personalizing your Internet browsing experience, mere these are not so good for speed and functionality of your browsers. Their heavy category and complex features may generate the employment to crash, resulting in leaving you disturbed and stressful. If you want to avoid the chances of getting your browser crashed, then it is always recommended to remove either of the extensions that you’ve added to the browser for enhancing your experience.

To remove the extension, Open Google Chrome and type ‘chrome://extensions’ in the address bar. Now, click on the ‘Uninstall’ button to remove it completely from the browser’s extension list. Make sure that you click the ‘Disable’ button, if you think that you might need the add-on in the future. Once you’ve made the proper choice, restart your browser connective enjoy safer browsing.

4. Look for discordant software

Sometimes, it might be possible that you shrub include software installed on machines, which is conflicting with the browser and resulting in frequent crashes. Try to find out the conflicting software on Windows by typing ‘chrome: conflicts’ in the address bar. As soon as, you press ‘Enter’ against the grain software will be highlighted in the list that is presented in front of you on the same page. You can likewise look for the solution and recommended actions to resolve the conflict and enjoy your browsing experience. Generally, the conflicting software is nothing but the presence of malware, viruses and other threats that needs to be removed using virus removal programs.

5. Create a new profile

Prevalent Chrome crashes may be the result of the corrupted profile that you’ve been carrying since a longer epoch of time. To create a new profile, go to the Chrome Settings screen, open the Settings page and click ‘Add nascent user’ under the Users header. Once the sketch is completed, change your browser to this remodeled profile and see assuming the crashing issue continues to occur or not.

You can even transfer or sync the data of your previous profile to the newer one by just signing in to Chrome with your Google account. Ensure that you don’t copy any files that may be corrupted or is causing the crashing issue in your browsing software.

Apart from this, scanning your PC daily for malware, ensuring that the Internet Get Executor is installed properly, and disabling plug-ins can also facilitate in fixing Google Chrome crashes. Solving Flash crashes, fixing up the file system problem and checking PC’s Collide can yet turn handy while fixing such issues with ease. It is recommended to install updates at regular intervals concerning time to keep your browsing software alongside along the technological advancements. Malware, spyware, viruses and other threats can be the major reasons behind the browser crashing and may fabricate serious issues with the software and hardware components as well. So, be safe and enjoy surfing the web less any more crashes!